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BPC-157 Lipotab by Evexias

BPC-157 Lipotab by Evexias

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BPC 157 Lipotab by Evexias contains a peptide chain renowned for anti-inflammatory effects and promoting a beneficial internal environment.

The amino acids in this formulation have been linked to an array of wellness benefits, including:

  • Expedited musculoskeletal repair
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Enhanced skin elasticity
  • Improved mood and emotional stability

LPT delivery promotes bioavailability, protecting the peptide chain with a liposomal sheath to ensure proper absorption in the digestive tract.


  • Bottle with 60 Capsule
  • BPC-157 (Naturally Occurring Acetylated and Amidated Form of BPC-157) 500 mcg
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