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Regen Wellness Vitamins

Aminos Plus by Regen Wellness Vitamins

Aminos Plus by Regen Wellness Vitamins

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Best Amino Acid Supplement

Aminos Plus by Regen Wellness Vitamins is a free-form, essential amino acid formula, including 2.5 g leucine per serving, in a delicious fruit punch flavored powder for convenience.

Amino acids in their free form are immediately available for absorption and can be used metabolically more readily and rapidly compared with amino acids that must be liberated from dietary protein.

Amino acids are best known for their role as the building blocks of proteins, but they’re also the raw material needed to synthesize various neurotransmitters (such as dopamine and serotonin), hormones, enzymes, and immune system antibodies, and they serve as critical factors in cellular energy generation. Amino acids do much more than simply build muscle; they are involved in virtually all cellular processes.

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