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Regen Wellness Vitamins

Colon-Regen by Regen Wellness Vitamins

Colon-Regen by Regen Wellness Vitamins

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Colon Cleanse

Colon-Regen uses two research-backed ingredients to help improve bowel motility and tonicity in people with occasional constipation.* This helps cleanse the colon improving the quality and frequency of bowel movements.

Magnesium hydroxide, a well-known ingredient that works by drawing water from surrounding tissues to the intestines; this local increase of water not only softens the stool, but it also has a positive influence on intestinal motility.*

In the Ayurvedic tradition, Triphala, a classic formula, consists of three fruits, Amalaki, bibhitaki, and haritaki. Amalaki (known as Indian gooseberry or amla) is considered one of the best rejuvenating herbs.

In addition to its laxative effects, Haritaki also has astringent properties and balances Vata. Bibhitaki is an excellent rejuvenative, with both laxative and astringent properties. It balances the Kapha dosha. Colon-Regen can be used for short periods of time as a fast-acting mild laxative for occasional constipation or as a daily bowel tonic.*

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