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Quicksilver Scientific

GABA + L Theanine by Quicksilver Scientific

GABA + L Theanine by Quicksilver Scientific

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Stress and mental strain can impair your ability to sleep soundly. GABA + L-theanine elixir is known to help calm without impairing cognition.

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) and L-theanine are both naturally occurring substances that have been used as dietary supplements to improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety:

A neurotransmitter produced by the body that promotes balanced nerve transmission and has calming effects. Clinical trials have shown that GABA can help adults with sleep disorders fall asleep faster, extend non-REM sleep, and improve mood.

An amino acid found in green tea that can smooth out brain wave patterns and has anti-anxiety and sleep-improving effects.

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