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HRT Complete (E) by Evexias

HRT Complete (E) by Evexias

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Estrogen Supplements - 

Every ingredient included in HRT Complete (E) is aimed at supporting hormone metabolism and balance. HRT Complete-E can be taken with our without additional hormone therapy, but makes a perfect companion with pellet HRT.



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Estrogen Supplement


Without creating the foundational metabolic effect through proper nutrient supplementation, patients could miss out on all the neuro-endocrine and detoxification benefits of HRT.


Benefits of HRT (E) include Estrogen Balance, Breast Health, Weight Management, Insulin Sensitivity, Cardiovascular Health, Detoxification, Mitochondrial Health and Brain Function/Mood

Potent estrogen metabolism and antioxidant support

Supports Kreb's cycle optimization

Aids in neurological functionality

Supports homocysteine conversion

Methylated for optimal support and utilization

Estrogen Support - HRT Complete E Brochure



HRT Complete E contains a special ingredient to help supercharge estrogen metabolism with patients reporting accelerated fat loss.


FenuSMART is a unique formula comprised primarily of seeds from the herb fenugreek. The formula has been shown to minimize hot flashes and support healthy sleep patterns, mood and libido. Fenugreek plays a dual role in hormone balance because it supports healthy estrogen levels and helps ward off insulin resistance. Preventing insulin resistance is essential, because if you don’t, the body won’t move glucose (blood sugar the body uses for fuel) from the bloodstream into the cells, as it should. Blood sugar issues can cause weight gain and the accumulation of belly fat, which has also been tied to hormone imbalance.

Serving Size 2 Capsules Servings per container 30
Amt Per Serv %DV
Vitamin B6
(as Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate)
Folate (as[6S]-5-methyltehydrofolic
acid from 800mcg of Quatrefolic®
[6S]-5-methyltehydrofolic acid,
glucosamine salt)
Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)
FenuSmart® Fenugreek (Trigonella
foenum-graecum) Seed Extract
(a proprietary enhanced bioavailability complex of starch, diindolylmethane, Vitamin E as tocophersolan,
phosphatidylcholine, silica.)
CoEnzyme Q10
25 mg
400 mcg DFE
500 mcg
500 mg
300 mg
100 mg
750 mcg
* Daily value not established.
Other ingredients: Hypromellose (capsule), microcrystalline
Cellulose, vegetarian leucine.

As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules per
day or as directed by your practitioner
Gluten Free & Vegetarian