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Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Kit

Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Kit

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Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Kit

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Nebulized hydrogen peroxide may assist with respiratory ailments and acute illness. Adding Regen's hydrogen peroxide solution to a nebulizer is both safe and helpful for adults and kids alike. 



*Nebulizer model may vary.

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Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Kit


Using a hydrogen peroxide nebulizer at the onset of symptoms may help alleviate symptoms and reduce the length of illness. By introducing H2O2 to the bloodstream through the lungs via inhalation, this non-invasive therapy is an excellent option for you to do affordably and from the comfort of your home.


This kit includes EVERYTHING you need to treat your respiratory issues at home.

Kit includes:



H2O2 Proprietary Solution


Alcohol prep pads

Printed instructions